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Aug 7, 2022
Aimbot : 8/10
Overall aiming is good, but there is no option to choose a specific shoot box like in the trigger bot neither an option to configure the aimbot for the individual weapons ( e.g Rifles > AK47, M4A1-S, etc )

Trigger: 9/10
Trigger looks good, performs even better, but in some weapons ( e.g Deagle I feel like the hit chance isn't accurate )

Visuals: 9/10
A lot of visual options, basically "almost" everything you will ever need, but why no bomb timer? I really think that bomb timer is a must for every cheat.

Overall score: 8.8/10

Definitely one of the best cheats I've used and I've used a lot of cheats, really, a lot of cheats. I know you guys can do more and as I can see there is a DISCLAIMER: This is not the final version of this cheat, so I am expecting the best of you guys. Keep up the good work!

>>> This is important and I may really want the developer to look into it. I will explain it the best way I can.
I started the cheat as usual, logged in, steam restarted, CS-GO launches then I got in a game ( Casual ).
When I was spawned I was "shaking" up and down for 10-30 seconds ( not sure if other players or HLTV can see that "shake" or if it's visible on demo ), but if it does, then you can easily be spotted and caught cheating.

I noticed that every time you close the CS:GO ( usually I always do that with the "quit" command from the console ) you are shown a windows message like CS:GO seems to be crashing when the cheat is getting unloaded or something? I also heard that game crashes can impact negatively on trust factor! Logically speaking it makes sense because mostly cheats cause game crashes, but TBH a lot of other things can cause a game crash, however crashing every time you close the CS:GO will still look kinda sus, so developers may take a look at this as well?

Font looks a bit weird, especially when you play for an hour/two it heart your eyes a bit ( at least for me it does ). Perhaps an option to change font would be nice.

ESP sometimes "stuck", but it's not much of an issue at it happens only when you spectate someone. Like a player box from previous spectating player may "freeze" and stay in the middle of the screen ( same goes for the health bar ). However this is gone when you are respawned.

Some menu parts might be confusing ( e.g FOV changer ) where you should right click the toggle button to actually change the settings. This might be confusing and hard to find. I know this was done to keep the menu more clean, but in my opinion the good old "bars" might be better.

Bunnyhop doesn't seem to be performing very well ( maybe there is a setting to make it work a little bit faster, but I still haven't found it haha ).

Saying so, sadly I will have to take down the overall score a little, so final overall score: 8/10


The cheat has it all, everything you need for a great legit cheating experience with a great performance. With some minimal ( mostly visual/cosmetic ) changes the cheat will be insane. Now my only hope is to not get a red trust factor :PepegaGun:
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