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Aug 25, 2023
Hello Guys!

Welcome To My Personal REVIEW OF VANITY (AFTER 01.07.2023 UPDATE)

LEGITBOT 10/10 ↓​

There Are Lots Of Really Customizable Features. LEGITBOT IS Best WITH Nice Config (I'M USING NOHYPER'S CONFIG)

RAGEBOT 10/? ↓​

I Haven't Try It. Because RAGEBOT Is Under Development.

VISUALS 10/8 ↓​

VISUALS Really Good. Lots of OVERLAYS And MATERIALS. But It Doesn't Have Some Must-Have Features Like VIEWMODEL - WORLD COLOR - SKYBOX - SKYBOX COLOR etc.

MISC 10/9 ↓​

It Has Really Necessary Features. LOGS, VOTE LOGS etc. Movement should have AUTOSTAFE Modes, VIEW, LEGIT, WASD etc. The Menu Customization Section is Really Nice. And Things Like AUTO ACCEPT Do It Perfectly.

PROFILE 10/10 ↓​

Not Much To Say, It Does The Job And It Is Excellent.

SKINS 10/10 ↓​

There is not much to say about this, other tricks come when you draw the gun directly in your hand. But It Comes To Your Inventory And You Can Adjust It. And SKIN PRIEWS Is Insane!

LUA 10/? ↓​

I Haven't Try It. Because LUA Is Under Development.

CONFIG 10/10 ↓​

There are 3 separate sections called Settings, Skins, Themes. It's Really Good To Have This. Because I Can Always Request Different Skins And I Can Do It In This Separate Section. And there is a section called BROWSE where you can get other settings. I'm Trying Different Settings Here.

OVERALL 10/9,5

Its A Good Cheat. Buyable!
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